At NCheng LLP, we are as passionate about developing our team as we are about servicing our clients. The values that we live and work by - Commitment, Professionalism, Innovation, Collaboration, Transparency, Integrity, and Expanding Opportunities - are the values we also instill within our organization.

Our firm is a place where each team member’s innate abilities, talents and interests are honored, honed, and developed. We will challenge and motivate you at every step – in the process helping you achieve the career you desire.

NCheng LLP offers two internship programs

We team with local colleges to offer both credit and non-credit programs. Our program gives students the possibility of translating their accounting courses into practical, working knowledge of the GAAP standards. The program corresponds to the school term, and we offer Spring, Summer and Fall sessions. We also partner with Stage - USA to provide international students the opportunity to work and learn, while enjoying the cultural offerings of New York City. Stage - USA facilitates all of the visa requirements, while we provide the training and mentorship. The international program is for six months to one year.

If you are looking to work in a creative, collaborative environment, please inquire with us.

To apply please email