The not-for-profit sector represents a diverse group of clients and NCheng LLP’s practice is dedicated to serving this diverse client base. We have been at the forefront and cutting edge of high quality service to clients in the not-for profit community since our inception. Our goal has always been to provide assistance to our clients to achieve their mission and improve their operations.

Our staff have gained extensive knowledge and experience in providing services to our clients in the not-for-profit sector. We are committed to delivering responsive and innovative solutions that provide value-added benefits to our client and help them to succeed.

Our reputation in the nonprofit field echoes the trust our clients place in us, year in, year out. We provide services to a very diverse group of not-for profit entities. Our clients span a very wide range in terms of geography, size, complexity and program activities.

The following are some of the types of clients
we regularly serve:

  • Social services organizations
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Private and Public foundations
  • Community based organizations
  • LGBT organizations
  • Educational institutions and advocacy groups
  • Charter Schools
  • Unions
  • Religious and faith-based organizations
  • Housing and real estate development entities

what our clients are saying testimonials

“Faced with an array of financial difficulties that culminated in technical insolvency -
the decision to hire NCheng LLP
helped save our organization. ”

Michael Adams,  Executive Director Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders, Inc. (SAGE)

“As the non-profit landscape continues to shift, your guidance and advice has grown increasingly valuable. And your accessibility make the day to day challenges of running a not-for-profit a bit less stressful.”

Lisa Schreibersdorf,  Esq, Executive Director Brooklyn Defender Services

“They've always performed excellent work, explained our financial situation clearly to a group of non-experts, and provided constructive advice.”

  Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition, Inc.

“The associates at NCheng LLP are thorough, responsive and incredibly knowledgeable about nonprofit organizations. They offer our Board and Executive Director guidance on how to effectively manage our budget as well as educate us about their process so we are always in control and can make decisions that are best suited for our organization.”

Cat Nou,  Vice Chair, Board of Directors SEARAC

“Working with NCheng LLP has helped our organization tremendously. They have streamlined the budgeting process, prepared excellent monthly financial statements and professionalized our entire accounting process.”

David van der Leer,  Executive Director Van Alen

“NCheng LLP is a high-performing organization with an effective model that works for any size organization. I congratulate their success and recommend them heartily.”

Jean Newburg,  Chief Executive Officer, Weston United

“NCheng LLP possesses a deep knowledge of nonprofit accounting, and the experience to be a trusted partner to any sized nonprofit organization. With their support, even small and medium-seized nonprofits can benefit form best-in-class financial management systems.”

Matthew Magenheim,  Chairman Friends Without a Border

“Your team worked patiently and carefully to help us put in place a strong financial managment system. As we look ahead to our work with a growing number of communities to help them reduce homelessness, it is not an overstatement to say that we could not be where we are without your help. ”

Rosanne Haggerty,  President, Community Solutions